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Welcome to the Doctoral Training Alliance


Welcome to the Doctoral Training alliance – and congratulations. You are joining an exciting programme – the largest multi-partner and only initiative of its kind nationwide.

The DTA has been developed by a group of Alliance universities, in response to industry needs, which aims to produce independent, highly-employable researchers with knowledge, expertise and skills in strategically-important research areas.

The first DTA in Applied Biosciences for Health started in October 2015,  building on the research strengths and industry-focused ethos of 13 Alliance universities.  It offers researchers a fully funded postgraduate programme which delivers excellence research with real-world impact, an expert support network and improved employment opportunities for researchers.  There are now 16 DTA participating universities in the Applied Biosciences for Health DTA programme.

As well as benefiting from the world-class facilities, supervisors and support at their home institution, researchers on the programme will be joining a much broader professional community – where they can enjoy the collaborative power, expertise and reach of the DTA.

The members’ area of this website aims to maximise opportunities for researchers to work together. For example, we want the LinkedIn group area to provide a forum for the cohort and supervisors to share knowledge and ideas, and discuss their work. We will also be publishing all the different research projects to encourage researchers to collaborate on their work with colleagues in the cohort.

We would welcome your ideas on how we can promote further collaboration via this website – share your thoughts on the LinkedIn Group page.

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