How to apply

The Doctoral Training Alliance is a co-ordinated training programme delivered by specialist training officers from across the Alliance university network and industry in a range of subject areas. Each programme will span three cohorts of three-year PhDs.

For 2018 – 2019 University Alliance has launched the DTA3/COFUND Programme which will support 83 PhD fellowships and has a direct application process. See the COFUND page for more information and details of how to apply.

How do I apply to become a DTA student?

If you are interested in applying for a place, please visit the postgraduate recruitment webpages of the participating Alliance universities you are interested in studying at. The recruitment rounds for 2018-19 for the majority of Alliance universities have now closed however some may still be accepting applications.

What is offered?

As well as benefiting from the world-class facilities, supervisors and support at their chosen institution, researchers on a DTA programme will be joining a much broader professional community – where they can enjoy the collaborative power, expertise and reach of the Doctoral Training Alliance.

By combining vital research skills such as critical reasoning and epistemology with practical innovation and entrepreneurial expertise, the programmes will produce postgraduate researchers who are job-ready and can apply the results of their excellent research to deliver real world impact.

Researchers on a DTA programme will be encouraged to collaborate on their work with colleagues in the cohort; attend annual induction, summer school and networking events; co-delivered training and development courses; as well as employer and industry events relevant to their chosen field.

A DTA programme is fully funded, with full time tuition fees for UK and EU covered for up to three years, plus a generous stipend of approx. £14,500 per year, and travel & subsistence to enable researchers to interact with colleagues at collaborating institutions.

The universities and subject areas

The DTA in Applied Biosciences for Health, launched in October 2015, has DTA students based across 14 Alliance universities nationwide.

The DTA in Energy, launched in October 2016, has DTA students based across 13 Alliance universities nationwide.

The DTA in Social Policy, launched in October 2017, has DTA students based across 7 Alliance universities nationwide.

Each participating Alliance university offers two – four places in each year of the DTA programme.